About Mairead

Mairead Armstrong

Mairead is a British jewellery designer currently living and working in London.

Having had a fascination with beads, gemstones and crystals as a small child, Mairead was inspired to design jewellery after her extensive travels through south east asia, with its abundance of indigenous ruby and sapphires. Attracted to vibrant colour, Mairead creates delicate pieces with an emphasis on fluidity and balance. She has completed silver smithing workshops at the City Literary Institute, and spent time working in the art world before developing her own style of wire-worked forms using precious and semi-precious gems.

A naturally gifted psychic and healer, Mairead has devoted many years to working with healing energies, including sound vibration to heal a wide range of health issues. She has integrated her healing and psychic energy work within the jewellery crafting process by channelling powerful healing and abundance into each piece of jewellery she makes. The gemstones natural energy vibration is enhanced to bring about positive and increased energy for the wearer.

Credits: The website was created by Derek Norcott. Photography by Mairead Armstrong & Slippery Fishes.


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