A gemstone that comes in so many different hues - indeed, the name derives from the Sinhalese word for 'mixed'.
Thumbnail of Alchemy convertible necklace The Alchemy convertible necklace is a completely innovative design - this delicate piece is extra long at 40 inches and made of 9 carat gold featuring an abundance of precious stones in a rainbow of colours including tourmaline, blue topaz, apatite and amethyst.
Thumbnail of Lolita necklace Ruby, amethyst, Rhodolite garnet, carnelian, and pink tourmaline necklace. Fluid and bright with colour and sparkle. The Lolita necklace is handcrafted using AAA grade precious gems and delicately suspends on hardwearing gold-filled wire and chain.
Thumbnail of Eloise necklace The Eloise is a multi-gemstone unique handcrafted necklace in gold-filled, comprising precious gemstones: citrine, tourmaline, apatite, amethyst, blue topaz.

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