A1: The Alchemy convertible necklace

Alchemy convertible necklace as a long necklace and detachable pendant Alchemy convertible necklace as a double necklace Alchemy convertible necklace as a bracelet Alchemy convertible necklace as a long chain

The Alchemy necklace is a completely innovative design - this delicate piece is extra long at 40 inches and made of 9 carat gold featuring an abundance of precious stones in a rainbow of colours including tourmaline, blue topaz, apatite and amethyst.

What is unique about it is that it can be worn in a number of ways to create various pieces of jewellery. You can detach the 7 inch bracelet and wear with the now 33 inch chain or separate the two necklaces and wear them together, one just beneath the other, with the single bracelet. The long chain can also be spiralled around your wrist to create a multi chain bracelet or even a delicate belt. The necklace has a bright purple amethyst gemstone drop which is detachable.

A delicate yet highly versatile piece of jewellery, the Alchemy necklace offers a variety of pieces all rolled into one.

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